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Customizable mobile payment solutions for platforms and marketplaces.

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What is it?

Slide offers a set of configurable APIs and tools that allow companies to facilitate their own payments. Slide APIs can easily be integrated into apps and websites to facilitate payments for marketplaces and platforms.

With Slide’s routing and payout engine, it’s possible to pay out users quickly and reduce operational overhead. You can disburse funds to multiple users, facilitate instant peer to peer transfers, and specify configurable transaction permission rules as well as fees and charges.

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Our Philosophy

Slide is a technology-driven finance company, focused on making payments secure, easy, fast and affordable for all.

We believe in using new technologies to bring down transaction fees and lowering the barriers to participation and inclusion in the formal economy.


Slide contains a variety of security features to keep you and your customers safe, and to ensure your money is securely stored and transferred.


With Slide it’s possible to send payments to anyone using only an email address. Payments are as easy and simple as integrating Slide APIs.


No need to wait days for a transaction to complete, payments through the Slide platform are instantaneous.


To ensure that transactions are frictionless and smooth for both you and your customers, we keeps costs low so you can too.

How It Works

The easiest way to facilitate payments and pay out recipients.

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Use Cases

Slide App

Launched in 2017, the Slide App is a seamless peer-to-peer payments platform for the South African market. Not only is the App both bank and mobile network independent, but users can easily send money to their friends and family using only an email address or phone number. The app was discontinued in 2020.

Pay & Connect

Pay & Connect specializes in student centric cashless mobile payment solutions for universities. Pay & Connect offers a customisable mobile payment platform that assists universities around the world to go cashless by using technologies that are familiar to students - smartphones and apps.

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